Anoop Naravaram

Software Engineer

Skilled Software Engineer with expertise in managing software and programs that assist organizations in operations. Adept at automating processes, resolving issues, and working with team on projects. Ability to write test features, maintain scripts, build webpages, and create features for user experience on programs and webpages.

Key Skills

JavaScriptTypeScriptJSXReactNext.jsVercelCSSTailwindCSSWebAssemblyHTMLAngularJavaPythonRustSwiftiOS app development

Work Experience

GoogleSoftware EngineerRelease TeamMar 2019 to Mar 2023

Improved, added features to, and fixed bugs in a full-stack web service that software engineers across Google use to automate their release processes, with frontend in JS, TS, AngularJS and backend in Java, Python using microservice architecture.

  • drove design documents for new features and implement them
  • prioritized and fix bugs filed by users
  • replaced old deprecated infrastructure with a newly designed microservice, which reduced workflow launch latency by over 90%
  • designed and implemented a new full-stack feature allowing users to collect data in real time

VMwareMember of Technical StaffVM Monitor and Monitor Verification TeamsJul 2017 to Mar 2019

Implemented critical new features for VMware virtual machines, enabling customers to leverage new hardware features and improve performance.

  • enabled VMware virtual machines to use the new QAT device, which accelerates cryptographic operations
  • wrote tests to simulate exceptional use cases when interacting with QAT device, to protect against bugs or vulnerabilities
  • collaborated with Intel engineers to agree upon acceptable behavior for the virtual QAT device to protect customers from experiencing unexpected virtual machine behavior
  • developed comprehensive test suites for upcoming features on Intel and AMD processors
  • maintained Perl scripts to orchestrate automated testing, making the team's work cycle more efficient

GoogleSoftware Engineering InternLinux Kernel Networking TeamMay 2016 to Aug 2016

  • ported some features of networking cgroups from Google's Linux kernel to upstream
  • made Google's kernel compatible with upstream kernel's implementation of networking cgroups

QualcommEngineering InternDSP Architecture TeamMay 2015 to Aug 2015

  • improved the way the DSP simulator stores statistics about cycle-level performance during simulation by switching to a more memory-efficient data structure
  • wrote a profiling tool (Python script) that organizes these statistics into an HTML page with inline JavaScript and CSS

Personal Projects

To-do List

  • full stack application built with Meteor, React, Typescript, CSS, Material UI
  • designed unique features, such as configuring automatic delaying of task due dates

Graphical Functional Programmingin-browser programming interface based on blocks (WIP)

  • frontend application built with Next.js, React, Typescript, TailwindCSS, SVG
  • designed a representation of functional programs as a graph of blocks, prioritizing visual readability
  • deployed through Vercel at

MIDI Visualizera webpage that visualizes events in real-time from a MIDI device

  • frontend built with React, backend built with Node, Express,
  • backend detects MIDI events from connected device and sends them to frontend through
  • frontend visualizes current and recently played notes as SVG
  • frequently utilized to visualize piano performances during Twitch live streams

Decision Helperwebpage that visualizes pros and cons of a decision

  • frontend built with Next.js, React, Typescript, TailwindCSS
  • deployed through Vercel at

Web Tetrisa Tetris game that runs in the browser

  • wrote game logic in Rust, compiled into WebAssembly
  • wrote DOM manipulation also in Rust, through web-sys and wasm-bindgen

Intervala custom musical instrument for iOS, written in Objective-C and Swift

  • wrote a sound synthesizer in Objective-C that generates audio samples given a list of frequencies
  • designed a UI that uses the iPhone touchscreen and accelerometer

This Resumean automated process for generating this resume

  • data is specified in a YAML file, allowing it to be independently edited from formatting and styling
  • rendering system built with Next.js, React, Typescript, TailwindCSS
  • deployed through Vercel at


The University of Texas at AustinBS Electrical and Computer Engineering